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Threat detection & Response

Threat detection & Response

Protelion’s Threat Detection and Response (TD&R) solution detects threats in real-time and simplifies incident handling by researching millions of new threats. This advanced analytics system is capable of identifying ransomware, fileless attacks, threats to remote workers and other threats in the dynamically changing network environment and threat landscape.

The Protelion TD&R solution features integrated expert analysis engines and a threat knowledge base for continuous monitoring of threats in the network and at endpoints.

The threat knowledge base contains up-to-date threat intelligence data and AI data for machine learning to detect intruder’s tactics, techniques and procedures. The Threat Intelligence platform processes the data received from the global network in real-time and updates the TDR`s threat knowledge base using an analysis of malicious behaviour and malicious sources.

Protelion TD&R focuses on potential threats and reduces the time needed to find and eliminate threats, from several months to hours and minutes. A threat notification proposes containment measures that speed up the response and prevents incidents from recurring. Protelion TD&R initiates an investigation in a matter of minutes. You can have a prospective view of all events and incidents on a single panel tailored for quick investigation and analysis of incidents.

Protelion TD&R maintains the principals of a zero-trust architecture to ensure compliance and threat detection when processing intellectual property data, as well as business and personal data. Protelion TD&R carries out comprehensive threat monitoring in the network and at the endpoints, allowing you to make better decisions and respond faster.

Key benefits include:

As soon as a threat to business continuity is detected response measures are ready
Stay ahead of new threats using an up-to-date threat knowledge base
Turnkey solution that works immediately with rapid deployment on premise or in the Cloud
Comprehensive Threat Management Center
Reports on threats and incidents, as well as compliance reports
Option to customize rules for threat hunting tailored to the network environment
Monitor Your Entire IT infrastructure

Identify & Respond Faster

Rapid Analysis with Machine Learning