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Network security

Network security

Protelion Network Security protects computers, devices, and local networks and ensures their secure connectivity over the Internet and other untrusted channels. You can deploy a Protelion secure network on top of your existing network infrastructure.

Channel Protection

Protelion Data Channel Protection is a comprehensive solution for creating a trusted environment with restricted access to securely transfer information via public and private channels (wired and wireless communication lines). This solution is enabled by a centrally managed virtual private network (VPN).

Protelion Data Channel Protection is a unique solution that provides a set of software and computer appliance products designed to solve a wide range of information security tasks such as: 

protection of communication channels between company offices
protection of multi-data networks (voip, video conferencing)
secure remote access to corporate data centers and cloud environments
256-bit symmetric keys at speeds up to 6.8 Gb/s traffic encryption
Virtual addressing support to simplify user software application configuration
Separate unencrypted and encrypted traffic filtration to control the ability to work via unauthorized ports and protocols
Next Generation Firewall 

Protelion Next Generation Firewall is a next generation security gateway. Placed on the network edges, Protelion Next Generation Firewall provides traffic filtering at all network levels and supports the creation of granular security policies based on user accounts and application lists. Key features and benefits are:

Firewall with session state control
Proxy server
ICAP protocol
Failover & redundancy
Application layer firewall (DPI)
Ensuring the safe use of personal devices for work, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Identifies and blocks more than 2000 application protocols and applications: games, social networks, torrent, etc.
Reduces the cost of Internet traffic consumption
Minimizes the attack surface
Comprehensive Solution

Reliable Protection

Integrates with Existing Networks & Applications