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Industrial security

Industrial security

Protelion solutions guarantee data integrity, authenticity and confidentiality for industrial automation and control systems and support today’s complex connected manufacturing environments. Protelion industrial security solutions can be used in a wide range of use cases and provide significant benefits for both Machine Manufacturers and Operators including:

Cost effective, reliable and secure remote access to machines and systems, independent of their location including access to older machines without individual remote maintenance interfaces
Supports network segmentation and the creation of highly secure virtual departments to access, control and monitor only the systems and data permitted by the company’s security policies
Comprehensive solution for interconnected industrial gateways, supports integration of legacy systems
Complete solution for all levels of the SCADA pyramid
Uses layered defences aligned with Defense-in-Depth principles

Protelion provides robust solutions for encryption and data protection for use with industrial control systems (ICS) and machine-to-machine interaction systems (M2M).

Protelion provides a set of embedded security tools that creates a trusted and encrypted connection to industrial control systems with the following security features:

identification (crypto-resistant) of the protected node
authentication of the protected node by other protected nodes
authentication of the ICS users by the nodes
ensuring the integrity of information transmitted between the protected nodes
encryption of the data transferred between the protected nodes
authentication of commands and data transmitted between the protected nodes
non-repudiation of information
trusted loading of protected device
trusted software update for protected device

Protelion also provides a secure and trusted data transmission environment through its security gateways for industrial systems which support industrial protocols, provide protected communication channels and firewall functionality.  Key features include:

Defense in Depth (Can be used together with application level data protection tools)
Network segmentation and perimeter protection, access delimitation
Secure remote monitoring
Access from the industrial network to the Internet control center
Secure remote access to the industrial network, to the operator’s or engineer’s workstations as well as to designated equipment
Communication gateway for interaction with industrial equipment via serial interfaces

Key Benefits:

Industrial Control system (ICS) protection by VPN and traffic filtering (firewall)
Both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi, GSM) control channels for ICS protection
High-energy efficiency
Industrial devices with RS-232/422/485 interfaces support, functioning as a Modbus TCP-Modbus RTU gateway
Work at temperatures from -40 to +60 °C
Industrial design
Covers All Layers of the SCADA Pyramid

Enables Industry 4.0

Supports Secure Remote Monitoring & Control