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Banking and financial services

Banking and financial services

The banking and financial services sector faces some of the greatest economic risk related to cybersecurity. Financial services firms are seen as high value targets by hackers and are the object of sophisticated and targeted cyber attacks far more frequently than businesses in other industries. The move to digital banking and financial services, and the interconnectivity of mobile devices, cloud and banking systems infrastructure has created multiple attack vectors and increased potential vulnerabilities. Furthermore, non-compliance with data protection regulations can lead to huge fines from regulators as recent news stories attest.  

Protelion’s advanced cybersecurity platform is a crucial defense against the complex cyber threats banking and financial services organizations face. By harnessing robust encryption using symmetric key distribution, Protelion offers comprehensive protection with inspired security solutions for Network Security, Secure Communication, End Point Protection and Threat Detection. With Protelion, financial institutions can fortify their digital infrastructure, safeguard customer data, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Protelion Advantages:

Provides secure remote access to sensitive data and applications whether on-premise or in the cloud
All data is encrypted and sent through secure channels, even within the corporate network
Seamlessly overlays existing networks, legacy systems and Cloud based systems and supports network segmentation
World class, enterprise grade Secure Communications solutions gives you data control / data sovereignty and secure Email, Voice Over IP, Chat, Group Chat, Video and Text all in one solution.
Allows quick deployment/implementation
Easily scaled both in terms of the number of users and functionality